Goals Plan

We are developing component package for Borland Delphi that provides digital images processing and patterns recognition facilities.

Following features are in scope:

raster image processing
  • preprocessing for further recognition (for example, binarization and noise removal, histogram update, median filtering etc.)
  • scaling and image rotation
  • visual effects
banding and image vectorization
  • image separation into different areas according to certain parameters (for example, background, text and image area)
  • linear and areal objects detection
image recognition
  • methods for detected vectorial and raster object classification (for example, imagery comparison)
information storage on the vector images in external data storage
  • persistant data storage support
document recognition
  • number of tools that creates document templates
  • these templates could be saved in DBMS
  • making decision about image correspondence to one or another template
text recognition
  • typewritten text recognition

Last update: 15.06.2005

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